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Anybody can design a decent course on their own back yard but when you need to come up with a course on prime property, suitable for large amount of players you might want to leave the planning to a professional.


A competent disc golf course designer is usually an experienced competitive disc golfer with an extensive knowledge of hundreds of courses. Having experienced thousands of different layouts helps you to come up with a suitable solution for each hole and the course as a whole keeping in mind the targeted audience.


When designing a course on a specific piece of land one has to keep in mind the amount of holes demanded, logical and efficient usage of the land and most importantly, the safety of the course. The goal is to make the transitions from a hole to another as fluent as possible while maintaining safety on the course even if the discs don’t always fly where intended.

Another challenge that the designer faces is the level of difficulty of the course. Ideal course is easy enough for the beginners enjoy playing it yet challenging even for the advanced and pro players.


Proper mapping of the selected area and the course design itself is time consuming but it pays off in the actual building stage of the course. Professional designer aims at using nature’s own obstacles as much as possible, reducing the amount of trees that have to be cut down. This lowers the cost as well as speeds up the process of building the course.


Safety, natural and diverse design, efficiency and smooth, logical transition between holes all come together when you choose a professional designer. This part of disc golf course building is one thing you definitely don’t want to save on!

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